Why Should Use React.js in 2021?

React.js is an open-source Javascript library that is used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page-applications. It’s used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. It requires only a knowledge programming language of HTML and JavaScript, React has risen in popularity on Front-end web development.

React is a JavaScript library created for building fast and React is the most popular front-end Javascript library in web development industries. React is used by large companies, established companies and newly-minted startup like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and to name a few. React brings many advantages of the companies, it’s making a better choice than another framework.

For the reason above and the popularity of React be compared all other front-end web development framework applications, today in 2021 we can looking a reason from front-end development why they loving use React in 2021.

  • Reusable Component

Components are the building blocks of any React application, and a single app usually consists of multiple components. The components have their logics and controls, and the components can be reused throughout the applications which it can reduce the application’s development time.

  • Create Easier of Dynamic Applications

React makes it easier to create dynamic web application because it just need less coding and offers more functionality, as compared with JavaScript.

  • Improved Performance

React uses the Virtual DOM, making web applications faster. Virtual DOM compares the status of the previous component and only updates items in the Real DOM that was changed, instead of updating all the components again, as conventional web applications do.

  • Unidirectional Low Data

React follow a unidirectional data flow. This means that when designing a React, developers often child components within parent components. Because the data flows in a single direction, it becomes easier to debug errors and know where problems occur in the application at this time

  • Small Learning Curve

You know that React is so easy to learn because most combine basic HTML and JavaScript concepts with some useful additions. However, as with other tools and frameworks, you must take the time to get a proper understanding of the React library.

  • React can be used for developments web and mobile apps.

You know about React can be used for development web and mobile apps but that is not all that can be done. There is a framework called React Native, which originates from React itself, which is very popular and is used to create beautiful mobile applications. So, in fact, React can be used to create web and mobile applications. Special tools for easy debugging: Facebook has released a Chrome extension that can be used to debug the React application. This makes the debug process of Reacting web applications faster and easier.




I,m a Trader and Bussiness Man for Indonesia. It’s always fun to share knowledge with others.

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Ari Priyanto

Ari Priyanto

I,m a Trader and Bussiness Man for Indonesia. It’s always fun to share knowledge with others.

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