The Features of React

JSX — JavaScript Syntax Extension

JSX is a syntax extension to JavaScript. It’s used with React to describe what the user interface would look like. With using JSX, we can write HTML structures in the same file contains with JavaScript code. It makes the code easier to understand and debug.

conts name = ‘features’;

conts greet = <h1>Hello, {name}</h1>;

The above code shows us about how JSX is implemented in React. This is not stringn or HTML. Instead, It embed HTML into JavaScript code.

Virtual DOM

React is still a lightweight representation of the real DOM in the memory, and that’s knows as the “virtual” DOM (VDOM). Manipulating the real DOM is much slower than manipulating VDOM because there are no images drawn on the screen. When the state of the object changes, VDOM only changes that object in the actual DOM instead of updating all objects.


Cause React uses VDOM which makes web aplications run faster than developed used alternatif front-end framework. React breaks up a complex user interface into individual component, which allows multiple users to work on each component simultaneously, thereby speeding up the development time.


React comes to be a simple UI design and has many extensions that offer complete applications architecture support. React can provided server-side rendering, which entails rendering a normal client-side only web applications on the server, then it can send a fully rendered pages to the client. It need employs Flux and Redux extensively in web applications development. So, there is React Native, a popular framework derived from React, it uses a compatible mobile aplications.


Destructuring is an expression in javascript that is used to break an array or object into different variables.




I,m a Trader and Bussiness Man for Indonesia. It’s always fun to share knowledge with others.

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Ari Priyanto

Ari Priyanto

I,m a Trader and Bussiness Man for Indonesia. It’s always fun to share knowledge with others.

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